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And the winner is…

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

Hi everybody,

our first game ends. Thank’s for all your answers and recommendations. Thanks you for the critic too. We received so many good wishes and we will continue to increase the number of our products, in order to meet your needs. To all of you, who wrote recommendation for more colors. We have a place for comments in our order form. There you can write your desired color, even if it’s not listed. Our partner “World of wool” has more than 100 colors, blends and you can also choose your own blend.

The colors are available on the following link

The blends are here

Thank again for all of you. You can subscribe for our newsletter, or you can write us an e-mail at office@abbcrafts.com if you want to receive the latest news from us. The subscribe form is on the bottom of our home page.

And last but not the least – the name of our winner is Nadejda Mulusheva. She wins a cowl scarf in color magic colors. Congratulations!

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