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Wool painted peonies, a unique wedding gift


Wool painted peonies.

Material: wool, wooden frame with glass

Size: 30/40 cm.

WPP In stock 30 × 40 cm 1.00 kg .


This wool panted peonies are the perfect gift for your special occasion. As a symbol of love, they are perfect for wedding present. The technique for this painting is “wool watercolor”. This is a technique, where the wool fibers are placed in tiny layers, which resemble the watercolor painting. The only difference is, that you do not need to use any brush; instead – the wool fibers are used as paint, and the only tool you need are scissors and your imagination. The wool for this painting, comes from here. The wool painted peonies come with wooden frame and is under glass. The size of the painting is 30/40 cm. This piece of art is 100% handmade and is one of a kind – exact replication is not possible. If you want to have this wool painted peonies in other size, please contact us.

“Once lively peonies now
wind-weary, and ragged
at the edges, hang their heavy
crowns; rain on their backs,
one final act, before
detaching from the stem
and falling down.”
― Kristen Henderson, Of My Maiden Smoking

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions30 × 40 cm


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