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Once upon a time


Ones upon a time is an unique blend wich is made with merino wool and glitter. Ideal for crafters. Create a unique items with this very new blend.

The product is available on backorder. Please consider the delivery term up to 14 business days.



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Once upon a time is a unique blend. It consists of the following different merino colors and glitter: Glitter White/Multi colour; Merino Orchid; Hyacinth;  Salmon;  Peppermint;  Spearmint. All of them have 16,66% to form this blend.

Ideal for needle felting or wet felting. The blend is part of the Fairytale collection of our partner  World of wool

The price is for the quantity of 100gr. This means about 4m length.  If you want to order more, the yarn will come in a continual length( up to 10kg) unless otherwise stated or requested.
The delivery of “Once upon a time” is up to 14 business days from the date of order.

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