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Infinity scarf merino wool

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Infinity merino scarf. Hand made.

Diameter: 50 cm.:

Circumference: 160 cm;

Width: 16cm.


IS In stock 160 × 16 × 50 cm 0.25 kg . , .


Infinity scarf – merino wool. Really warm and cozy. Luxury feeling every day. The merino is 23μm and very soft. It is breathable and natural. The scarf is hand knitted and suitable for every outfit.

If you want, you can make a custom order. Just contact us! You can customize the length, color and the width.

More information about the colors you can find here.

The scarf on the picture is with circumference of 160 cm, diameter about 50 cm and width of 16 cm. The length is enough to wrap around a neck twice.



Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions160 × 16 × 50 cm


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