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Felted wool stones


Felted wool stones with unique design.

Choose the form, size and color of the stone.

Upper part: Merino wool

Filling: Soft foam rubber

Hypoallergenic: Yes

The price is for 20 stones.
WSt In stock 3-12 × 2-5 × 3-4 cm 0.15 kg . , , , , .


Felted wool stones, made by felting ( wet and dry). Take the nature in your home with our felted wool stones. Each stone has a unique design. The stones will be good  Eco-friendly decoration in your home. The size varies from 3 cm to 10 – 12 cm and the thickness is about 3 – 4 cm. For the price, you will receive a box 230/250/180 mm, with 20 stones with sizes between 3 and 12 cm. Please inform us of you need certain sizes or shapes.

The stones in the pictures consist of merino wool, with a soft foam rubber core. You can customize,  the size and the colors. Just write us a message in the optional part of the form, when you place your order.

We try to represent the colors as they are, but it is possible to have a slide difference in color, due to settings of the different monitors.




Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions3-12 × 2-5 × 3-4 cm


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