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Felted wool stone rug grey


Felted stone rug grey, white and marble. Irregular form.

Entirely handmade.

Material: Upper part – merino wool

Material: inner side – foam rubber

Dimensions: Length ca. 55cm ±1, width – ca. 30cm.± 1

The color may vary slightly due to the settings of the different monitors.

This product is made to order. You can customize the size and the colors.  Please contact us for the details and prices, if you want a custom order.


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WStRGrey Out of stock 55 × 30 × 3-4 cm 0.8 kg . , , , .


Felted wool stone rug grey, white and marble. Unique rug – entirely handmade. None of the stones can be repeated. The stones consist of foam rubber, surrounded with pure merino wool in grey, white and mix to obtain the marble effect.

The wool rug is hypoallergenic and it is easy to clean. You can use the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Because the nature of the wool, it does not absorb too much dirt. It is breathable and when you step over, you will have a feeling of relax and comfort.

This felted stone rug, can be used also as a bath mate, because its core of foam rubber can absorb the water.

This product is made to order.

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Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions55 × 30 × 3-4 cm


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