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Chain scarf merino wool and bamboo


Chain Scarf Merino wool and bamboo

Material: 80% merino wool, 20 % red bamboo

Length: 250 cm

Width: 9 cm

You can make custom order if you want different length, width or color.



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ChS Out of stock 250 × 9 cm 0.33 kg . , .


Chain scarf merino wool and bamboo. Extremely long – the length is 2,50 m and it is enough to wrap around your neck twice. The scarf consists of 80% merino wool in different colors and 20% red bamboo, which form this beautiful autumn combination.  Ideal for your autumn outfit, this scarf will bring the colors of the autumn to your day. This scarf can be a perfect present for Birthday, Mothers day, Christmas and more… The scarf is  not heavy. The weight is 0,330kg and the width is 9 cm.

We kindly accept custom orders. Please contact us if you want a different length, width or color.

Additional information

Weight0.33 kg
Dimensions250 × 9 cm


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