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Merino product care

Merino product care

Merino product care is an information you will need, in order to insure a long life of the merino products.


The merino does not need too much washing, because of ability of the wool to self-clean. So, just a air in a damp weather should be enough for the merino products. If you want to clean it, the dry cleaning is recommended.

Please note: Gentle washing in cold water, with a soft soap is possible only for products under 1.5kg, because of the significant weight of the wool. Dry over the flat surface.


As every other wool product, here,  you will have pilling. The newer the product, the more pilling will occur.  Just gently, by hand, pull off these balls of knitting or by using scissors, carefully trim away the nubs and wads. Then pull your hand over the yarn in the right direction to level the wool and make it smooth again.

How to treat stains

If you accidentally spilled something on it, make the following. First run that area of the product under cold water. Then put that part between two towels and give it a gentle squeeze. Afterwards, put the product on a surface where it’s going to get a lot of air, and make sure to flip it periodically until it dries.


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