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How to paint with wool – materials

What is wool painting and how to paint with wool?

A very short answer can be given to this question – it is painting technique. Of course the answer is not so simple. In  series of posts, I will try to explain, what this is and why you should try it.

If you search for wool painting, you will probably find a lot of video clips and tutorials, which explain about creating a picture with needles, or using needles to create 2D painting. It is used for creating a portrait for example. But the technique, which I want to introduce has nothing to do with needles. All you need is a frame with glass, some material, which can be put on the back of the frame, wool fibers, scissors and tweezers for the small details. The use of tweezers is optional.

What materials do you need for your wool painting project

As you can see, these are the materials you will need for your wool painting project. You just have to add some imagination, or to find a perfect picture and to start.

In my next post you can read how to paint with wool, in order to create a perfect painting.

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