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Cheaper blankets!

Cheaper blankets!

Cheaper blankets in our shop!

I made a blanket, which was about four kg, and I realized that it is too heavy. Because of the thickness of the blend, for a certain blanket, one will need about 2.5kg wool per square meter. That means, that a throw blanket with a size of 2,00 by 2,2 m, which is the biggest we sell, will be about 10 kg. Therefore we were looking for finding the way to reduce the weight of the blanket, but not to loose its softness and the comfort of the merino wool touch.

So we decide to separate the wool blends by 2. It reduces the amount of wool from 2,5kg/m2 to 1,5 kg/m2.

The blankets are still chunky enough and also really warm and cozy. Of course they are cheaper too.  I hope you will like them.

You can still purchase a custom size blanket. You just have to leave me a message.

Let me know!

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